Best European Desserts

A dessert is a delicious meal which well known in a certain culture or a country. It consists of the sweet foods which are loved by many people. The word dessert was derived from a French name meaning “clearing the table.” There are different varieties of desserts in the western cultures which include cookies, gelatins, ice creams, pies, candies, puddings, pastries, biscuits, cakes e.t.c.

The favourite desserts are also prepared using fruits to add the natural sweetness. Different cultures are associated with their desserts. For instance, some of the popular breakfast foods in Russia are oladyi, blini and syrniki, all of which are served using jam and honey. You will find desserts preferred using apples and chocolate in Germany and France. In Sweden, you will find the ‘fika’ which are baked together with cakes. Most of the incredible and sweetest desserts are associated with Asian cultures, but Europe has many popular and sweet desserts as compared to the other continents. In fact, it is in Europe where desserts were first integrated during meal times. These are some of the common types of desserts

Berliner Pfannkuchen, Germany

This is one of the traditional German pastries which are similar to doughnuts, but it has no central hole. It is prepared to form the dough of the sweet yeast which has been fried in oil or fat. It is then filled with marmalade or jam. Finally, it is covered using regular sugar or powdered sugar on top.


Banoffee-Pie, United Kingdom

This is an English dessert which is made from cream, bananas, and toffee. Toffee used in preparing banoffee pill is obtained from condensed boiled milk. This dessert was invented by two British chefs accidentally when they were trying to do some amendment on the toffee pie which had been brought from America.

Polish Royal Mazurek

This is a traditionally flat pastry which is mainly served during Easter time. It has a buttery crust which makes it one of the favourite desserts in the major occasions in Poland. It is one of the “royal” foods in Polish cultures.


Breskvice in Croatia

This is one of the most delightful European desserts. It is a peach-shaped cookie which is very popular in weddings. It consists of two cookies which are glued together. It is filled with dark rum, crushed walnuts and apricot jam or peach. They have a yellow or red food colouring.